Saturday, 12 April 2014

When I started out,I found myself redirecting people just for fun purposes.
Today it has become more of a social responsibility for me.
As this BLOG is dedicated to everyone that would look for stuffs online about LAGOS and wouldn't find it.
The selling proposition has always been the ability to research and get deep information that even contacts in LAGOS did not have.
(Ranging from Pictures to Videos and a whole lot of other valuable Historic Antiques/Materials) to show our RICH HISTORY and CULTURE.
Noticing LAGOS didn't have an instantly recognizable online site for research information in total,especially for Nigerians in diaspora or other Citizens of the world that wanted to know more about LAGOS.
Cause I didn't see the CNN adverts saying;
"Come see our commercial nerve center,come see our happy people,the hustle and bustle or come see our landscape doing it for us"
So I resulted into grabbing the bull by the horn,so as to show it to the rest of the world...
As I unveil to you important historic aspects of LAGOS,I would always be proud to say;
"i am a history of people, i am a legacy, i am Timi Lagos..."

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Old picture of "Broad Street"

Broad Street in 1949 was in relative terms as busy a center of business as it is today.
On the right is the old Palace Hotel which stands on the site where Abacus House, formerly Williams House later stood at 132 Broad Street.The contrast between the calm of the street in 1949 and the intensity of today's traffic is most telling.

The Old Elder Dempster Lines Head Office at Old Marina

The Old Elder Dempster Lines Head Office; Old Marina, purchased from Woerman Line for 56,000.00pounds and completed in 1914. For a long time it was one of the finest structures on the West Coast and the First in Nigeria with interior Marble walls. It was later pulled down to make room for the present offices at 47 Marina.

Then Love Garden Onikan now the present site of The Muson Centre

The Love Garden, Onikan was situated on the present site of the MUSON Center. It was for a long time Lagos's central park with its serenity and waterfront location,offering a welcome haven from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the background on the right is the diving platform of the King George V Swimming Pool.

Massey Street Dispensary became The Lagos Maternity Hospital

Massey Street Dispensary, opened in 1914 as the first General Out Patient Clinic in Lagos, became the Lagos Maternity Hospital in 1926. It was converted  to the Massey Street Children's Hospital later on April 6th 1962 after it was declared open by the then Governor General's wife Mrs Flora Azikiwe.

The Old Airstrip at Kirikiri Apapa

The Old Airstrip, Kirikiri at Apapa preceded Ikeja as main air strip in the country. The barefooted attendants, the colonial arrival with the pith bowler and the British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C) carrier all bear ample testimony to a bygone age where international air travel was still a novelty.

Old Secretariat Building later The Federal Ministry Of Justice

The Old Secretariat Building, (Later the Federal Ministry of Justice) was built in 1906 as the location for colonial administration.(Before the coming of Lord Lugards Amalgamation)
This "E" shaped building which was designed after the first letter of the name of the then Governor of the Southern Protectorate Sir W Egerton, Leter housed the Legislative Council Chambers.